“Alte Burg” the Old Castle

The first documentary evidence of this genuine lovingly restored symbol of Gmünd was recorded in 1292.

Today the castle is used for seminars, theatre productions, concerts and other cultural events. Behind these impressive walls the castle also houses a Cafè-Restaurant.

The origins of the “Alte Burg”

As rumour has it, three country peasant played a game. The person who got the highest score when rolling a dice was allowed to buy the land and its people. The winner built the castle where it stands today. The first documentary evidence dates back to 29th February 1292 although it is believed to have been standing since around 1252. Today, the castle hosts a first class Restaurant with a very special atmosphere. The castle also runs exhibitions, openings, seminars, theatre productions and concerts.

Alte Burg Gmünd – Familie Strasser
9853 Gmünd in Kärnten, Burgwiese 1
Tel.: +43 4732 3639