Artist-in-residence-Studio Maltator

For more than 15 years the International Artists’ Studio at the “Maltator”, one of the still existing medieval city towers of Gmünd, has been housing guest artists from Europe and beyond. The Kulturinitiative in collaboration with “KulturKontakt Austria” aims to promote and entice international artists to come and exhibit their work and integrate into the local community.

So far, 48 artists have made Gmünd and the restored studio at the Maltator their home. The artists will experience the friendly hospitable Austrian culture while bringing a piece of their own culture to Gmünd for the local people to learn and enjoy. At the end of their stay in Gmünd they will produce a brochure of the work they have done. The exhibitions and studio are open free of admission to visit and enjoy.

Artists from Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Russia, Italy, Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary, Germany, Poland, Iceland, Mexico, Argentina and of course Austria, among many others, have come and made Gmünd their home and continue to come back and visit regularly.


International Artists at the Artist-in-residence-Studio Maltator


Each year the cultural initiative Gmünd invites three guest artists to stay for two months each in the international guest studio at “Maltator”. This programme is one of the best artists-in-residence programmes in Austria and invites international artists to tackle the country and people and, so to say, incorporate the town in their artwork. The results are unique works which express the artist’s relationship to the town Gmünd in various ways.

Especially the international artists in residence characterize the vivid town and pass on new ideas, impulses and ultimately strength and a cosmopolitan attitude to this small town every year anew.

Atelier Maltator Parterre

The young photographer EVA STABER move into the small but atmospherically dense rooms of the atelier at the Maltator Parterre as of May. Eva Staber presents her photographic works and lomography series. In addition to her artistic work, she would be pleased to take orders. She offers image editing and reproduction of old photographs and the creative designing of all kinds of print jobs.