Studio and gallery of Larissa Tomassetti & Frank Tomassetti

The two accademic artists Larissa Tomassetti and Frank Tomassetti (Kropiunik) opened their studio to the public in May 2010.

The studio is located in an old building known as “KLEBERMASSHAUS” directly on the main square of Gmünd. It is used as the artists’ studio but also as gallery space. Larissa Tomassetti presents unconventional photography and the results of photographic experiments with digital and analogue photo material. She positions her works of art as “in between painting and photography” and enjoys putting seemingly incompatible elements together and playing with positives and negatives, and thus creating so called “Inversions”.

The studio and gallery can be visited with prior notice at +43 664 9777954

NEW! The private studio of Larissa Tomassetti and Frank Tomassetti (Kropiunik) at the Kirchgasse!

Opening Hours: Thursday fom 9.00 to 12.00 and by appointment, mobile: +43 664 9777954

Admission free.