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The small town Gmünd is situated in Carintha in the middle of mountains, more precisely at the south of the main chain of the Alps, at the intersection of the High Tauern Naionalpark and the Nationalpark Nockberge. For 25 years the city has put its emphasize consequently on art and culture, has shown varied art at many revitalized places in the middle of a fantastic mountain world. In addition, it has created a balance between urban structures and experiencing nature. In the cultural year 2014 the number of visitors of the artist’s town Gmünd reached its peak. Due to the extremely positive feedback of people interested in art and the varied offers of art helped Gmünd to become one of the most vivid and varied small towns in Austria.

Cultural initiative Gmünd

In 1991 the cultural initiative Gmünd has started the successful development of the town. Like almost no other cultural institution in Austria, the cultural initiative Gmünd succeeded in offering not only an annual cultural programme in Upper Carinthia but also to do consistent cultural work and support contemporary art as well as sustainable town development. And thus enliven a region which is far away from urban centres. The work of the cultural initiative is an essential contribution to the development of the town Gmünd, which has become famous for being the artist’s town far beyond the Carinthian borders by now. Because in almost no other Austrian region far away from urban centres one succeeded in making room for arts to this extent. Furthermore, the city of Gmünd is gaining a constantly increasing added value resulting from cultural tourism. For this reason, the cultural initiative Gmünd is a prime example of how cultural work can contribute to a sustainable revitalisation of a city also in economically poor regions.

The special feature of the programme 2016 is the exhibition GOYA in Gmünd